Spaceborn announcement

Spaceborn promo image

Buggestic Gaming is proud to announce it’s first project – the science fiction action shooter ‘Spaceborn‘ – which is going to be released soon on iOS and Android devices.

Spaceborn is a game where you take command of one of the last surviving fleet of the alliance. You are entrusted with the difficult task of holding off and countering the rebels’ imminent attack. However, your space station’s docking area is so small that it is only capable of sending off one ship at a time. You must overcome this hurdle and defeat as many rebels as you can in order to upgrade your future spacecrafts. Now is the time to fight against the rebels! Now is the time to aid the alliance’s defenses. Prepare yourself for a space adventure filled with lots of action, tight controls, amazing graphics and synth-heavy music.

The game features:

  • Immerse yourself in the fast-paced, relentless action
  • Enjoy the beautiful graphics that fit the space atmosphere
  • Engage in epic boss fights
  • Prepare to die, because it’s hard as hell
  • Face endless hordes of enemies after completing the main campaign
  • Upgrade your ship to prepare for your next run

For more information and a gameplay video, click here.


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